Search by Date Range

To search for a record in the Cemetery Database, enter a few letters of the surname in the box below.  The more letters you add the more refined the search will be and fewer results will be returned.

Note: Characters in the search box (such as ' / &) will return an error so if you are searching for a name such as O'Neil simply put Neil into the search box and it will return Neil, Oneil, O'Neil, McNeil, etc.


Or search for a record in the Cemetery Database by entering a date range for the death of the deceased in the boxes below.
Search for records where the date of death is between
(add start date e.g. 1 January 1910)
(add end date e.g. 31 December 1930)

Please note that every effort has been made to accurately include historic handwritten information into our electronic system. 
Any discrepancies should be reported to the Hauraki District Council for verification.